Industry experience

 Freelance translator and owner - Capri Beene Translations LLC (January 2015-present)
I have translated large volumes of text in the medical, scientific, and technical fields

  • clinical trials
  • medication instructions
  • manuals for medical devices and equipment
  • automobile emissions systems manufacturing and maintenance guides
  • product safety and quality testing documentation
  • various environmental science texts and environmental impact studies

I also translate certain types of legal, academic, and employment documents

  • vital records
  • employment agreements
  • rental and sales agreements
  • estate planning documentation
  • transcripts
  • vocational training and professional certification records

Medical translator - WPS Insurance Co., Overseas Division (March-August 2014)
I translated assorted medical and ancillary documents from German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and French into English.
German translator and localizer - Epic Systems Corporation (January 2012-November 2013)
I spearheaded translation and localization of two customer-facing web applications from English into German. I worked on string translation within an extensive translation memory and insured that the files were properly localized.

  • available upon request
  • limited feedback also available on my ProZ profile

You can also find a PDF version of my résume here. 

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