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Are you looking for polished, professional German to English translation services from a trained and ATA-certified German to English translator? I can help!

As a specialist in scientific, medical, and technical translation, my goal is to ensure that the translations I prepare for you are thorough, accurate, and stylistically appropriate for your intended audience. Whether you need translations for medical equipment product manuals, clinical trials, testing documentation, or even simply medical records, my expertise allows me to provide you with a polished end product perfectly suited to your needs.

If you need assistance with marketing texts, patient-facing materials, or even webpages for your medication, medical product, medical practice, or specialty clinic, look no further. My experience in this field and my attention to detail ensure that you and your products or services will be presented in the best possible light.

Are you a student, scientist, professor, researcher, or medical professional in the fields of science or medicine with a thesis, dissertation, or journal article that you wish to submit to an English-language publication? I can provide you with a flawless English version of your text that allows you to reach international audiences.

If my services sound like the right fit for you, please follow the link to contact me.

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